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By | August 9, 2016

Name:2captchaDoes 2captcha Pay

Price:Free to join, $.5 for 1000 captchas.


2 stars

Solving captchas from your computer is not as rewarding as other options there are on the internet but at least there is always work available, 2captcha offers captcha data entry jobs to anybody who wants to join them but does 2captcha pay? There are trustable companies that have been paying thousands of dollars to their captcha solvers for quite long, on the other hand, there are people that have been scammed by fake companies.

In this 2captcha review, I will tell you how much you can expect to make if you become one of their captcha solvers, 2captcha is a legit company and you can be sure you’ll get paid for your hard work but you have to realize that you are not going to get rich by solving captchas, I will rather use that time to build a solid online business that will make me a full-time income in the long term than solving captchas, I recommend you to try the free 10 lessons of wealthy affiliate, it will change your mindset of how to do business online.

wanna see how i make cash online

Anyway if you don’t mind working many hours for a few dollars you can try 2captcha out and make a few dollars for several hours of work.

What is 2captcha?

It’s a platform that offers captcha data entry jobs to anybody who is able to type, you only need a computer with internet connection and you can start working right away, 2captcha doesn’t only offer data entry jobs but they also sell their solving captcha services.

So if you work with bots and you’re struggling with the captcha blocks from some websites you could use their services, they offer to solve 1000 captchas for $0.5.

2captcha Review

Good Things About 2captcha

•You can start working right away

•Legit data entry website

•There is always work available

•Solving captchas is a very easy task

•Cheap solving captchas services

Bad Things About 2captcha

•Very low payouts

•Too much work for too little pay

•You can burn yourself out pretty fast

How 2captcha Works

In order to start working for 2captcha you’ll first need to sign up to their website, filling in the blanks with your information like your name and email address. At their homepage, you’ll have 2 options, the first option for the people who want to purchase their solving captcha services and the second one is for people who wants to work with their data entry solving captchas.

Once you’ve logged into your 2captcha account you can start working right away and right on their website, you just have to click on the start button and captchas are going to be displayed for you to solve.

You can also download their captcha software to your computer  and be able to earn a little bit more money, they pay $1 for 1000 solved captchas, 2captcha is also mobile compatible so you can keep working on your smartphone.

2captcha has an affiliate program too, so you can make a commission out of every person who signs up through your affiliate link. As good as it sounds you won’t make much from your referrals either, you will get just 10% of your referral earnings, that would be 10 cents for every 1000 captchas solved by your referral, in my experience a good affiliate program gives you at least 30% commission for every referral or sale.

what is 2captcha

My Final Opinion is a legit site that pays, you can earn a little bit of extra money but that’s all, and I’m talking about a couple of dollars for many hours of your work, you’ll never be able to make a full-time income by solving captchas neither from surveys, in my opinion, I wouldn’t waste my time on those activities I would rather prefer to spend those hours of hard work in building my own online business.

Actually, that is what I did and after a few months I could say it’s really worth it, I’m living off my online business, working from home, sometimes I earn while I sleep and sometimes I just take a couple of days off to spend it with my family or friends, I was just like any other person looking for a way to make money online until a found the right platform and training that help me to achieve it, it’s my #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate’s training is the best of its kind and it’s totally FREE, they teach you all you need to know about making money online, the only think you need to do is to sign up to their website, I recommend it, sign up fro free today you won’t regret just click on the link below.

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2captcha Verdict:


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18 thoughts on “Does 2captcha Pay? – 2captcha Review

  1. Leo

    I thnk they are scammers who put malware on my pc. The software does not put any link on desktop and they don’t reply to problems.

    1. Mario Post author

      Really Leo? I haven’t used their captcha software in a while, I’m going to check it out, thank you for your useful comment.

    1. george

      nooooooo….do you know how much time you’ll be wasting on this 2captcha?…please, might as well spend your time speaking to koreans/japanese and if you have to….chinese…you could get paid 70-100 for 30 minutes….please don’t do that 2captcha thing…there are many other ways to earn…and 2captcha isn’t one of them…

      1. Mario Post author

        George, I don’t recommend any captcha job, because you just make pennies out of many many hours but some people still asking for it, so I’m just reviewing a company that is legit.

  2. teejay

    Hi Mario,
    Your views are very helpful. Do you need any workers for data entry or web research jobs? because I would gladly want to help you. LOL 😀

    1. Mario Post author

      lol I’m not looking for co-workers right now but thanks for asking Teejay.

  3. Abhishek Chhabra

    Thanks for this amazing Guide that Helps me to Earn Money on the 2captcha Platform.

  4. jiya

    can any one tell me how i get the money from 2captcha and how much they are paying plead can. anyone tell me

  5. Ben O

    It pretty much is a scam. Some of the captchas are suspiciously unsolvable and then your account gets suspended for getting to many wrong. I was genuinely trying to do a good job and my account got suspended. Then I checked my account a few days later and my account was permanently closed because the moderator deemed my wrong answers as intentional. Even if it’s not technically a scam, it’s definitely not worth anyone’s time.


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