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What is Clikdelivery? – is the Best Revenue Sharing Site?

Name:Clikdelivery Website: Owners:Ilyas Noukaila Price:From $5 to $100 Rank:  Overview Clikdelivery claims to be an advertising and revenue sharing site which has been on constant scrutiny in the recent days. With little known about it considering the fact that they are new in the market, investors are encouraged to exercise caution when dealing with this site. Good… Read More »

is My Ad Story a Scam? – My Ad Story Review

Name: My ad Story Website: Owners: Mahmoud Cherif Price: Ad pack Plans from 5$ to 100$ Rank:    In this my ad story review I’ll dig into all the facts you need to know about this new site and all the services it offers, if you’re thinking of joining “My Ad Story” I recommend to take first… Read More »