Can You Make Money With Ebay? – Check This Out!

By | November 12, 2015


Anyone can make money with ebay, more people are buying products online each year and Ebay is one of the top selling websites around the world.

Ebay is a friendly easy to use website where you can sell and buy any kind of product right away, it’s free to create an account, you will need to give your information like name, email address etc.

This kind of business model was my starting point of making money on the internet, there is no ebay website in Mexico but there is one pretty similar called mercadolibre, thanks to this business I was able to quit my job and have  free time to look for other ways of income.

Never depend on a single income. Make investment to create a second source”

Warren Buffet

People visit ebay with credit card in hand so if you offer a good product at a good price you will sell it fast. What I mean with offering a good product is try to sell things that people actually are looking for and sell them cheaper than your competition.

Products people want + Prices cheaper than your competition = Fast Earnings

There is a lot of competition on Ebay simply because the sellers don’t have to worry about getting traffic to this site, ebay is well known with an excellent reputation, people go there to buy. Doesn’t matter if you are not on the first page if you offer better prices than the competition they will find you.

There are 2 options to sell on Ebay:

  • Auction Listing – People will make bids on your product the highest bid wins, auction listing can last from 1 to 30 days.
  • Fixed Price Listing (Buy it Now) – You set the price for you product and you can sell it right away or it can last until you cancel it.

In order to compete with the big sellers you will have to keep your prices lower than them, it will turn in less earnings but you will take some of their potential buyers.  After your buyer gets the product he or she can give you a feedback, this is crucial for getting more customers in the future, there is a feedback rating that will appear under your nick name after making 10 sales so you will want to have great feedback rating.

It is all about the customer

If you offer quality products, help when they need it and always tell the truth no matter if is a bad new , you will become trustful so you are going to have happy customers so you are going to sell faster.

There are a lot of competence in this site but if you dig in and spend time on researching to find the right product and investigating your competition you can do great. There are many sellers that make huge money on this site.

Find Merchandise To Sell On Ebay

This is the hardest part if you are hoping on making a full time income from ebay. Because I live in mexico and mercadolibre is the ebay of Latin America I usually buy from  and sell on mercadolibre but I can give you some ideas of finding a good merchandise to resell.

Online Wholesale Distributors – There are just a few websites where you can find good wholesalers , you have to be very  cautious when navigating on the web looking for wholesalers ,there are a lot of scams, if it’s too good to be true it’s a scam for sure,  here are some legit ones.

172ba746eeacd64e5a7ece685fc2ae75 Liquidation  – This is a good website to look for retailers wholesales, it’s based on auctions, remember always check out their reputation and  feedback before bidding.




Via Trading –  One of the best wholesale supply company, they sell pallets of general consumer merchandise, also they organize live events if you want to assist one of them you can check their schedule on their website.



alibaba-web-logoAlibaba –  Asian wholesale suppliers, if you are new to this website I recommend buying a small quantity of items, there are many fake suppliers, do a little research on the seller first.



Paid Directories – Here you don’t have to worry for scamers, but it might be too expensive for a directory of its kind.


WorldWide Brands – The only one certified by ebay, It has more than 9,000 wholesale suppliers. One.time payment fee.



SaleHoo – It has more tha 8,000 wholesale suppliers it’s cheaper than WWB but they have a yearly membership.



The Same Ebay – There are a lot of auctions on Ebay you could try to buy them at a low price and resell them , you have to spend time on looking for a good auctions, there are some auctions that end on the morning or even late at night when everybody is sleeping, you could take advantage of this hours to bid.

Craiglist – Often you’ll find good deals for people that is too lazy to sell them on ebay or is desperate to get rid of their stuff, this is a good resource to find low price merchandise.

Dollar Store – Sometimes there are treasures in this stores.

This is the starting point for many entrepreneurs to jump in the online business adventure.

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18 thoughts on “Can You Make Money With Ebay? – Check This Out!

  1. Maarten

    Hi there,

    Ebay is a great way to make some money. The most difficult part, like you said, is what do you sell? Like in any business, differentiating or offering the same product on a lower price is the way to go. What I ofter notice on Ebay tho, is that there are a lot of products sold which are portrayed as quality, but are actually just knock-offs, cheaper copies coming from China. Of course I do not mind this at all, but for some reason on Ebay it’s never clearly stated. What is your opinion on that?

    1. Mario

      Hey Maarten!
      Doing a research before buying anything is what we all should do, comparing prices and digging a little bit won’t hurt anybody, I’m starting to apply this before purchasing something. on ebay there is a seller’s feedback rating where you can verify what other buyers are saying about the seller, you can also ask the seller if you have any question about what he is selling, Thanks for your comment.

  2. Lee

    Hi Mario, I’ve done the whole Ebay thing a couple of years ago with a little success but not much.

    I went down the route of second hand items from car boot and garage sales. I made a bit of money but I couldn’t find any way to scale it. Plus I always ended up with a spare room of stuff that I couldn’t sell.

    I’ve heard of Alibaba in the past, but I was always under the impression you had to make huge orders which put me off.

    Is that not the case?

    Also, you mention that you were able to give up your job due to your current online business. Do you mind me asking what that business is?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Mario

      Hey Lee!
      I quit my job thanks to this kind of business model, I live in Mexico and here instead of ebay there is other website called mercadolibre, It’s where I sell. There is a lot of competition in this websites so at the beginning you have to be willing to spend time and money on looking for the right product to sell, I’ve done it myself, I bought some different products and reinvest my money to buy more of the products that were selling better, this worked for me.Thanks for your comment.

  3. Shawn

    Great introduction to selling on Ebay, I have been interested in doing this myself as well as on amazon but don’t know how to take the jump with wholsale items. Did you buy wholesale products one at a time and resell them or did you buy a bunch of different wholesale stock and start your “store” with products you had on hand? Are you dropshipping as well? Lots of questions but you’ve peaked my interest!

    1. Mario

      Hey Shawn! At the beginning I was focused on having a good reputation by receiving 5 star feedbacks at the same time I was comparing which products sell the most so I bought a bunch of different items and then reinvested the money on buying the ones that were selling better, I have never done drop shipping, I just don’t like the idea of selling something without even seeing It in person or test it, if the item is not working or is broken is going to affect your reputation.

  4. spencer williams

    definitely helpful. its actually genius. it is a good starting point and i was so intrigued by your success story i wasn’t sure how to approach. wonderfully nice. now i plan my next play and this is a good way to go. thank you for the inspiration. reselling on ebay is actually a good way to get started.

    1. Mario

      Thank you for your kind words Spencer, It’ll work for me, may not work for everybody but if you do what I suggest, you will have more chances to succeed.

  5. Viljoen

    Great review on how to make money with ebay. I am not affiliate with them but I noticed that they have an affiliate network just as Amazon.

    Are you currently using Ebay’s affiliate network because it would be great if someone can share their experience with it. I am currently using Linkshare because they also support PayPal which is great for me.

    1. Mario

      Hey there! Thanks for the comment, I’m not an affiliate with them yet, I’m focusing on bringing traffic to my blog first, don’t want to fill my website up with backlinks, but I will try it in the future and write an article about it, linkshare has a great affiliate program, cheers.

  6. Courtney

    I was taken aback with the title, because when i see -easy ways to make money i become hesitant.I am not sure if you are advertising Ebay or you have an affiliate program with Ebay.Is it a good money earner to Advertise other programs, i notice you have about five other Ads on the same page, Is this a successful formula? . I lke the personal touch of your image on the same page.

    1. Mario

      Hey Courtney, I’ve beem selling stuff on mercadolibre (the ebay of my country) for a while now, and recently I joined Ebay’s affiliate program so I kinda do both, in this article I give some tips and some pages from where I get products to resell, cheers.

  7. Joana

    Hi Mario,
    I did e-commerce course before. And one part of it was Ebay selling. Could not agree more that you really have to research what to sell. the instructor was teaching how to do it. If you travel a lot around the world that is a pretty easy thing to do. As you can pick up different things, and you can also compare and etc. Selling on Ebay is a bit like keyword research before you decide to write a post, I think…:) The biggest discovery i had was the reselling of amazon products on Ebay. Where you don’t even need to have a physical product. Well I was new to all the online selling at that time. But I finally understood why do I order on Ebay, but get delivered by amazon in an amazon box…:)
    Another thing what they were teaching us at the course was droppshipping. Have you ever tried that? What do you think?

    1. Mario

      Hey Joana, Never tried dropshipping before as I always want to check the product before sending it, but I’m thinking on it, may be I’ll try some products this year, have a good one 🙂

  8. Neil

    eBay can be a good way to sell your new or used items and make some money. I’ve had a few successes from personally selling on eBay 🙂

    There are plenty of ways for people to earn on eBay and I have heard of successful eBayers selling wholesale products from SaleHoo.

    Thanks for your article and I sure will check out your recommended way to make money online as well.


  9. Chris

    I’ve heard of so many people making it big on ebay but surely they are all from the drop shipping sector? I mean making big money on ebay means that you will be stuck sitting around packing parcels all day long – surely thats an awful way to make money online? How long have you been doing this for?

    1. Mario

      I just don’t like dropshipping that much, unless I know the seller very well so I’m sure what is going to be sent is not a bad quality product, I’ve been doing this for 5 years now and I have hired people to pack for me, cheers.


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