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By | January 18, 2016

You can have your own website ready in just 30 seconds. If you want to learn how to create your own website free, you should watch this step-by-step video.

Create Your Own Website Com


I remember when I built my first website some years ago, I had to learn how to use the html platform at least the basic codes, spend many hours taking html lessons on the internet, reading articles and watching videos about it.

My website at that time was so basic that kids nowadaysCreate Your Own Website Com would laugh at it but it really didn’t matter to me I was proud of my baby in which I put hard work, sweat and blood. Every hour I spent on my website was worth it to me.

Years have passed and new technology and platforms have been created. Website’s builders platforms have appeared and they are so easy and friendly to use, anyone can build up a website with no HTML, Php and Java knowledge or any knowledge about anything at all, ok may be you will need to know how to turn on a computer, use the keyword, mouse and get into google, but that’s all you really need to know.


WordPress #1 Platform to Build a Website 

WordPress is the most popular platform to create a website, there are other publishing platforms but I recommend WordPress for starters even for advanced users, it will give you all the tools you need to start creating your website from scratch.

Some of the features that this platform offers to its users are:

Easy to use: Forget about coding, everything is set up for you to create your website as simple as the click of a button. It gives you the option to change or extend the coding too, any of these 2 options come together within a friendly interface.

Adjustability: WordPress adjusts to any kind of website you need. It doesn’t matter if you want to build a personal blog, a business blog or government’s website, WordPress will do the work.

Website’s Theme:  It comes with 2 default themes but you can change them at any time, WordPress has its own theme’s directory with hundreds of themes for free but if none of their themes convinced you and you are good at designing it, it has the option of uploading your own theme.

Fantastic Tools: It gives you many great tools to create the content or change the design of your website. You can change the tittle of your website, add a menu and submenus, create subpages and many other subsequent tools.

Plugins: One of the great things I love of WordPress (besides that is free) is that it’s open for developers or anyone who like to change either its features or appearance. It comes with a pack full of features but you can add any other extra feature by adding a plugin from its plugin’s directory or uploading it, if the plugin you are looking for is not listed on the directory.

SEO Ready: Searching Engine Optimization is by far the best way to lead people to your website, with just adding a plugin your site will be ready for SEO.

wordpress power

Now that you know the power of WordPress you need to understand a couple of things to have your website up and running on the web.

Hosting and Domain

You will need to set up your own domain and hosting services. The domain is the name or address of your website for example:, .net, . org etc. You will have to choose a domain that nobody is using already. The hosting is the server where our website is going to be located, it can be anywhere in the world.

There are many companies offering hosting and domain services. The cost of these services is around $10 dollars a year depending on the company.

Anyway, these domain and hosting companies offer a free service in which their company’s name will be on the domain for example: www.Company’ It is not like having your own domain but it’s very useful when you are just starting to build up your site and want to see how it looks on the web.


2 Free Websites With SiteRubix

You can have up to 2 free websites with SiteRubix. It’s actually what I’m using for this blog, checkout for new domains below:

Benefits from SiteRubix platform:

  • 2 free websites.
  • Ready to use with WordPress.
  • Includes a 10 video training to get more traffic to your site and even make money from it.
  • 24/7 support via chat or inbox.

My Top 3 Hosting and Domain Websites

  1. Name Cheap – I like this website very much because once you have selected the domain you are going to purchase, don’t bother you with those useless upsells.
  2. Go Daddy – May be you have heard about this one on the tv, although they may offer some upsells when purchasing a domain, they keep their good prices.
  3. Host Gator – They have very cheap plans starting from $3.97.

All these websites include the hosting service when you purchase a domain, I recommend not to spend more of $15 dlls/year if you are going to build up your first website.


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