What is Fast Cash Biz? – Scam Uncovered

By | January 11, 2016

Name:  Fast Cash bizfast cash biz

Website:  fastcash.biz

Owners:  Madison Clark and David Graham( if they really exist).

Price:  $250


1 star


Stay away from this! It is just another Scam.

What is Fast Cash Biz?

The video starts with two people coming out from a yacht’s dock, when they get in front of the camera start talking about that they have found the best system on the internet to make money. They introduce themselves as Madison Clark and David Graham although I google them and couldn’t find any information about them.

If they are who they say they are why there is nothing about them on the internet, this is the first sounding alert.

Good marketing is a great source to get sales, we have always seen infomercials claiming their product as the best one out there,  even if  the commercial is very low in quality they make it in a way that people will listen and watch it with attention, fast cash diz is exact same kind of marketing.

The owners behind the scenes hire actors, rent cars, jet planes, boats and a huge mansion to make you believe you can achieve all of that within their system.

There are a total of 3 videos of these guys that I’ve found so far of about 30 minutes each and all of them are the same BS made up stories with hired actors, they spend the whole video talking about how great their system is and how awesome their lifestyle became after using their system, if their system is that great why don’t use more time talking about how it works right?

They use the old tactic saying there are just 10 places available just like in the infomercials where there were always just X amount of products left, but you can be sure there will be room available for more people, you can close the video come back a day after and is going to be there a month after the same thing, there will be always just 10 places available to take.

Even when they spend almost the whole video showing luxuries and talking about how great is to be rich, they do mention that their system is a binary option software created by Madison Clark and David Graham that will make you rich in 3 months but a software to predict the future doesn’t exist.

This is why binary options are so risky, no matter what kind of algorithm the software uses, there will be always a big probability to lose money.

what is wealthy affiliate university?

What is Binary Options?

Binary Options is guessing if an asset’s value is going to go up or down in a time frame, for example in Forex if I put in 10 dollars and say that the dollar is going to go up within 1 minute time frame and goes up I will receive 15 dollars so I will be making 5 dollars but if goes down I will receive $5 dollars so I will be losing $5 dollars, this is just an example the rates could be different depending on where you are trading.

It’s like going to the casino’s roulette and choose to bet your money between red color or black color, It’s fun going to the casino sometimes but I wouldn’t recommend it to see it like a daily job.

Binary Options has become more popular on the internet in the las years and this is why there are many people trying to benefit from its popularity, trying to convince people they have created the best software to predict what’s going to happen with the asset’s value.

Their “great software” is created with an algorithm based on the asset’s tendencies but like I said before a software or machine to predict the future doesn’t exist “yet” lol.

Don’t Fall Into The Trap

These fast cash diz people don’t even explain what you are going to get into if you buy their software, Mr. Graham had the gall to say in one of the videos “why do I bother you with the techy details when all you do is to click a button”.

It’s like saying to a stranger “ Do you see this BMW? It’s mine (but It’s a rented car). Give me $250 and you’ll get one in 3 months”. Would you give him the money? Of course not, you don’t even know him, besides, he is not telling you how he is going to convert those $250 into a BMW.

Binary options is a risky way to try to make money and Fast Cash Biz make it pretty clear on the government disclaimer on their website:

FastCash biz Disclaimer1

Follow their advice and don’t invest money on Binary Options.

FastCash biz Disclaimer


So the purchase can be performed only by a licensed Broker although they say in the video is the only time that is open for general public and  also No one of them is a registered Broker wtf? I thought Madison Clark was Broker like she describes herself in the video, so there you go they uncover themselves to this SCAM.


Good Things About Fast Cash Biz

  • Catchy marketing.


Bad Things About Fast Cash Biz

  • Promotes a risky way to try to make money: Binary Options.
  • Bad Acting.
  • No real prove their system works.
  • Made up names.
  • It is all fake.
  • It is a SCAM.



My Final Opinion

Making money on the internet has become easier in the last years because more people is using internet than ever before but still, you need to work hard and spend time to create a solid foundation towards your online business, there is no such a thing like a system that will make you rich overnight, you need to learn stuff and the best training I’ve found so far to make a full-time income on the internet is Wealthy Affiliate University, you can check it out for yourself is free to join no credit card needed.

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