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By | January 7, 2016


Name: Online Profit Jobswhat is onlineprofitjobs com
Owners: Unknown

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What is

If you have been looking for legitimate ways to make money online, then, you must have come across You probably wonder if you could make money through this website. The answer is NO, STAY AWAY. is a SCAM.

Why? What exactly is Online Profit Jobs? They claim to be a website that provides opportunities for people to find online jobs that they can do from home. But the truth is that this website was made to redirect people to many scams.
So this website is not a scam itself but is like a duct that leads to the real SCAMS. It lists some common and well known ways to make some money online like taking surveys, photography and translation jobs but when you click on any of these links you will be redirected to the real rip-off.

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These are some of the scams linked to

– They claim to be a survey site that costs $27 to join, c’mon really? You need to pay them in order to take surveys, what a joke.

– They promise you will be making $500 a day to translate emails an movies( yea, right) and to get started you need to pay first $34 up front.

– More of the same BS.

Some of these websites look exactly the same and use the same methods and cheap tactics to trap you and your credit card, all seems that they all are made by the same unknown and hidden people.

what is photography-jobs



what is gold opinions








UPDATE 04/04/2016 It seems they have changed the design of the website a little bit and the “online jobs” it’s linked to, it’s still more of the same rip-off sites, let’s take a look at what they offer:  It claims to show you a “weird trick” to make over $3500 a month for taking surveys, the owner introduces himself as Jason White but I didn’t find anything about him on the internet, it seems like he is not a real person. The money proves he shows on the landing page are made up, like the pictures of a couple of paychecks that seem modified with photoshop.

take surveys for cash  Working as a writer on the internet can be very profitable but this site is just not the place to start, they want to charge you with $68.00, you don’t have to pay a dime to become a writer,  I recommend you to check you can join for free and start making money by writing articles right away. They promise you will be making $500 a week by posting on facebook, often when it sounds too good to be true is because it is, of course before you can try out their website to see what is all about you have to pay $27, another obvious scam, these kinds of facebook jobs exist but you will earn cents in exchange of several hours of your time, many people use social media automation tools for their social media improvement.


The website’s owner makes his money through Clickbank product promotion. These websites are on the clickbank’s affiliate programs. How do I know that? When you click in some of the links it shows a clickbank affiliate link before redirecting you to the scam so the owner of makes a commission every time somebody joins any of these rip-off sites.

This may be makes you wonder: Can I still make money online through surveys, photography and translation jobs online?
Yes you can earn some money through these kinds of online jobs. However, if you think you will be making a full-time income from them, then I am sorry for bursting your bubble, you won’t make much from taking surveys nor selling your pictures or translating emails unless you are a professional photographer or a very well-known translator.

Taking Surveys

As an example of the kinds of classified jobs on the site, many people use the opportunity to take surveys for some income. Although the research companies do not pay much, the truth remains that there are some legit ones that pay. You could use this “online job” to get a little of extra cash if you have the time. iPoll is one legit survey website I recommend.

Good Things About

● The website’s design is kind of cool.


Bad Things About

● It is a Scam.
● It puts together a bunch of scams.
● It is not even finished, some of its link don’t work.





My Final Opinion

This website is one of many out there that are created every day to scam people. They don’t last very long but enough to rip-off some newbies that hope to find a way to making money online.
But don’t lose hope you still can learn how to start making money online this is my #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate. It is really the best training on the internet to learn how to create a full-time income working from home and is FREE.

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14 thoughts on “is a Scam? – it is For Sure

  1. Mukuri Jean-Claude

    I have read everything about you and i think it’s my only chance to earn money because i’ve lost my job since since a long time and my life isn’t easy as a student.thanks

    1. Mario

      Hello Mukuri, if you are ready to create your online business and take it seriously by working on it at least as a part time job you should sign up for Wealthy affiliate university clicking on the link above, have a great day :).

  2. Fernanda

    I just gave the my first name and e-mail and now that I read this article, I’m a little bit worried. I haven’t paid for anything nor given my credit card numbers, though. Can they scam me?

    1. Mario

      Hey Fernanda, don’t worry you just gave them your email address this means that they’re going to send you spam emails often or daily, you can block those emails in your email account configuration.

        1. Mario

          Wealthy affiliate is the best affiliate marketing platform on the internet and I’m not the only one saying this, so I don’t know why are you calling me a scammer, I try to help people to not fall into scams because I know how awful it feels, I have experienced that myself, Wealthy affiliate is free to join and you can see what is all about without paying a penny, scams don’t give you a free trial, ever. As a free member you have access to wealthy’s affiliate training, 10 videos on how to build your online business from scratch, once inside you have to click on the green “get started here” button on the left side to go to the training right away or you can click here to go to the first lesson directly, you can leave me a comment on my wall inside wealthy affiliate if you have any more questions, cheers :).

          1. Trook

            I can second that! I also have signed up to wealthy affiliate a while ago and they provide the best service for online help with your own projects online- even if you dont know what you want to do! They are awesome! The community is exactly what everyone online is looking for as a beginner!

          2. admin Post author

            Hey Trook! Yes, it’s a complete platform to learn how to achive your online goals, thanks for your comment.

  3. Trish

    Hi Mario
    Its important for all of us in the internet world to know which sites are scams. I had been scammed in the past. It would have been nice to know it was a scam before paying money i didn’t really have at the time.
    Thank you for sharing this valuable information.


  4. TerryB

    Hi I read you post and found it so interesting. Frankly I thank you for this post.

    For single mom looking to make some extra money on the side, I was looking into online jobs that I can do at home in my ‘spare’ time.

    Some sites sound too good to be true…and I guess they are.

    How is Wealthy Affiliate different?

    1. Mario

      Hey Terry! onlineprofitjobs is obviously a scam but one of the differences is you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and you will get high quality 10 video lessons on affiliate marketing, at the end of these 10 videos, you will have a website set up, hosting, a niche, and the basics on affiliate marketing and it’s all for free, it won’t hurt to give it a try.


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